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Haunted Mansion/Pixar Mashup Illustration (topic)
In case you missed this, here is an illustration I did recently for a contest.  My mashup of the Haunted Mansion and Pixar. :0)
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05/14/14 14:45:49
Stretching Gallery Halloween Project  (topic)
I'm rebuilding the stretching room (as well as the entire ride, minus the doombuggies). Based on the pre-2007 disney world version. It's less than 1/3 of the way finished. I will be adding pictures over time, for now here is...
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05/06/12 03:14:56
My Haunted Mansion Oil Paintings  (topic)
Hey y'all,I just finished these, and was wondering your thoughts etc Entitled "Haunted Mansion Sunrise" and "Night at the Mansion". These are available for purchase as prints individually or in a set as well! Thanks!
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12/02/11 09:15:38
Haunted Mansion: Source  (topic)
As a fan of video games by Valve (you may have heard of some of them: the Half-Life series, Team Fortress, Portal, Left4Dead, etc.,), I've recently felt that the engine that these games are based on could make for a pretty neat...
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10/07/11 23:56:57
ENIGMA: Inspired by Disney's The Haunted Mansion  (topic)
Hey everyone, thought you guys might enjoy this, the dance company I'm in recently debuted our new set inspired by the Haunted Mansion. Hope you guys like!COLLABOR8 DANCE CO. Presents:...
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05/18/10 23:20:57
HM movie remake poster (fanmade)  (topic)
I've been working on a screenplay for a remake of The Haunted Mansion and while writing the other day, I came up with this idea for a poster (the actor names are just the people I picture playing the roles as I write). I used Cinema...
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10/13/09 22:47:04
The Haunted Mansion - Stage Show?!  (topic)
Hey ho! Its my first post! Whaaheeeyyy!!! No doubt many of you saw the small dramatic event at the 40th Anniversary Dinner (if not, you can catch it here: And frankly, when I saw it I thought...
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the zeitgeist

09/14/09 20:04:09
Some old HM art I dug up...  (topic)
( I hope this posts ok, I am not entirely sure how to post pics here.) So I was going through some of my old art and ran across some HM themed stuff I have done in the past. I will post a little at a time once I figure out how. This...
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09/12/09 00:04:57
Happy Haunts And Creepy Creeps  (topic)
I did this a while back and I know I've posted this on a few other sites, but I got to thinking I realized I never posted this here lol In honor of the 40th anniversary, here's a little collage I made highlighting the many...
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The Ghost Host

08/24/09 01:22:58
I need clay ideas  (topic)
Hey , I got some spare clay to work with , and I want to have a little piece of the haunted mansion in my room , so , any ideas you could recommend me to do? Im not sure about all the statues and that stuff on the mansion , i pretty...
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12/20/08 23:21:56