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Who is Aunt Lucretia, from Disney's Haunted Mansion (topic)
Does anyone know the back story of the character Aunt Lucretia at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion? Beside having two bust, one at the end of the first corridor, and the other in the great hall I can't find very much information on her. The...
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers


01/07/14 19:42:29
First Full Video of Mystic Manor is finally HERE!!!  (topic)
Thanks to HK Mr.Chu, we officially have a first look inside the Mystic Manor attraction which is assume currently in Soft Opening. While there is no footage of the Pre-Show and Queue, the full ride is ready for our viewing...
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers


04/21/13 16:40:06
Hey HM fans...Just posting photos of Paintings, sculptures, and props I am creating for a room I am designing to be my mini Haunted Mansion Ride/ Office. I will continue to post pictures on all of the new Paintings I create and Props I...
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers


03/04/12 05:58:55
Haunted Mansion Emergency Exit Question  (topic)
In DL, the Haunted Mansion has two moving rooms (that I know of.)  When entering, we are always ushered into the one on the left.  (I've only ridden the one on the right twice in my lifetime.)  Upon exiting the left room...
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers


05/03/10 17:20:37
A rant about Pins  (topic)
Before anyone attacks I just want to say I am not going to bash people who do the whole Disney pin thing. I understand people have their hobbies and collections, as do I so lets throw that out there first. Anyway! On a recent trip to...
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers


07/25/09 04:02:19
Question for the Experts  (topic)
Hello, I've grown up on the East Coast, and only made it to Disneyland in recent years. I always knew the Haunted Mansion and Pirates were different in Disneyland than in Disney World, but was apparently misinformed as to how. I...
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers


06/29/09 02:57:25
DLR Leota Problem?  (topic)
For about a week I've noticed viewing recent ride videos and pics of Madame Leota(at the Disneyland Haunted Mansion) not floating but actually back on her stand. In one pic on Flickr, her projection seems to be not right on target....
Where Hinges Creak in Doorless Chambers

Crimson Fury

05/11/09 20:59:05