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The Haunted Mansion Show (topic)
To express my love for The Haunted Mansion, I created a show on my Youtube channel that relates to it. Taking some creative liberties, the show is hosted by the Ghost Host (Yes, I know he looks too much like Jack Skellington for now) as...
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11/10/13 19:28:17
Homemade, small-scale, wall-hanging 13 hour clock project  (topic)
Here's a project my boyfriend had worked on for about a week or two. We're huge Haunted Mansion fans and decided to start building our collection to decorate our house with year-round. Since we have limited space right now... He thought...
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06/24/12 18:37:15
Haunted Mansion Short Film  (topic)
COMING SOONProduction started October 1st! Be sure to look out for it, Ill post updates throughout production.Until then, Please watch some of my other videos! See if you can find all of the Disney references Ive scattered around a few...
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11/06/11 05:22:54
Haunted Mansion-inspired t-shirts on redbubble  (topic)
Hi there.Just thought I'd drop you a line to plug some shirts I've designed based on my favourite Disney attraction.Foolish Mortal The original shirt. This shirt works differently in bright light and low light. In low light, the...
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09/30/10 04:09:48
Haunted Mansion on Haunt Cast  (topic)
Hi, All!I just wanted to let you know that this Friday, February 26, 2010, my segment on Haunt Cast will feature the Haunted Mansion. I'm sure there's nothing I covered that you all don't already know, but I thought you might be...
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02/24/10 16:28:13
Our Haunted Mansion Graveyard  (topic)
Thought I would come along and share pics here of our Halloween display we did this year. Dad and I made the tombstones ourselves, and we got some small front fencing to give the illusion of a small family plot, in addition to the fog...
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The Ghost Host

11/02/09 22:02:05
Constance Bride Sketch  (topic)
yeah I know it's NOT finish but I just wanted to share this with you and hopefully when I finish drawing and painting it i repost a new FINISHED version. ENJOYi know the face is a little off but I would rather be "inspired"...
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07/13/09 22:54:23
Haunted Mansion Inspired Decoration  (topic)
Hey fans just wanted to share with all my "foolish mortals" my Haunted Mansion Holiday inspired Halloween decoration. Theses specific pictures were from my 2008 version of my decoration. Basically that year was my trial and...
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07/12/09 04:40:54
Haunted Mansion SFX demonstration  (topic)
Howdy! I've recreated the haunted marble bust effect from the Mansion, using an old Pirates of the Caribbean plaque. Creepy, spooky, and all around pretty darn cool! Please take a look at the video posted at my blog here,...
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06/10/09 00:21:18
Hitchhiking Ghost Dot Painting  (topic)
New painting that I just finished! The light was too bright to see that the silver paint is this shiny, sparkly metallic. Looks great in person. More coming soon to
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05/10/09 01:17:48
Grim Grinning Ghosts (Eerie Dance Remix)  (topic)
For those who don't know me, visit the "New Remixer" topic under the "Welcome, Foolish Mortals" board. Now, I've made a remix of the Haunted Mansion music track, and I've wanted to share it with you all....
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10/25/08 17:35:03
Hitchhiking Ghosts Photoshop Wallpaper  (topic)
Something I made from various sources, official Disney photos, stock images, my own photos and various HM photographs...please do enjoy! And yes, the moon does look a bit funky still...but overall I am pleased with it.
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08/06/08 20:38:38
Mansion Character Photomanipulation Artworks  (topic)
Merely thought I'd share these images I did, mostly for fun...I am no photoshop expert but am happy with most of them. Images used are either my own photos or from stock sources on a art website I frequent. Please enjoy, and feedback...
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07/30/08 02:27:59